GURU (Calgary, AB)


Since 1999 Guru has been addicted to two things, incredible sounds, and digging through crates...

Starting at the age of twelve as a percussionist and drummer in a garage band Chris fell in love with performing and making music, and as such a monster would be created. For years Chris performed as a drummer always working hard on finding new and interesting sounds, until at the ripe age of sixteen when he attended his first “rave” and everything changed. Enchanted by the sounds and the feeling in the air at the events The Self Cleaning Guru was brewing and within two days he began digging through crates trying to understand the world of the DJ.

Starting with Hardcore techno/Acid Techno he grew a taste for the hard and dark. Along with his DJ partner at the time he was exposed to House, Progressive, experimental, trip hop and finally Jungle. Moving through all the styles and trying to find his niche has been the true trial for this Guru. However, as all Guru’s will, he has found his path and it rests in never following a clear path, but rather playing everything. It wasn’t until 2013, three years after the passing of Gangstarr’s Guru, a man Chris had the utmost of respect for that his name was officially changed and shortened to The Guru.

The Guru has been working hard on revitalising the ripping Amen breaks and thick basslines of true Jungle with his heading up of the former Come Correct Sound Crew in Calgary, Alberta. As well as
digging through crates on the regular in search of rare roots reggae and Dancehall, which he performs every Saturday at the best kept secret in Calgary; Unity Sound Saturdays. The Guru was also a regular at the long running Dub at the Pub, a club night that had been running as long as he had been Dj’ing. Now heading up two nights a month in conjunction with Habitat Living Sound Chris has been given the opportunity to branch into the more soulful side of DNB as well as the heavier side of Jungle. With many festivals under his belt including three years playing Shambhala (2013-2016), Connect Festival (2016), FozzyFest as an organizer and DJ (2013-ongoing), WayneFest (2016) along with many more and regular shows around the Ski towns of western Canada The Guru’s steam is ever building. With a stage presence and effervescence like few others, accompanied by the knowledge of a true veteran of the music world, a Guru performance is truly like none other.

[Calgary, AB]
(Dnb, Jungle)