Chordlust: Man, music, & machine.

-By Danger Bay

 “Techno is like maybe a few centuries and a few generations away in its scope of what the future is. Jungle is the future, but more like you have been sucked through a wormhole to another dimension in some far off point in the universe so far ahead of where we are right now, what you consider reality is so over and so done, you can't even comprehend what you are experiencing, let alone where you are, or "when" you are.” -Chordlust

Twenty-Five years. That’s how long Chordlust has been mashing all kinds of music together on various mediums throughout his long and varied career. From Jungle to breakbeats, to techno, he has an obsessive compulsion for digging, producing, and DJ’ing that’s second to anyone I’ve met. When curating the Electric Sky line up, we wanted someone close to home to really represent the DNB genre, specifically the sub-genre, Jungle, and let me tell you… you’re all in for one hell of a show.

Chordlust keeps extremely busy. Whether it’s running his weekly radio show, Modulations, on Calgary’s University radio station, CJSW 90.9 FM, or managing one of three net labels he owns, he shows no signs of slowing down and continues to release music and curate DJ sets that are consistently top quality and mind blowing.

As Chordlust prepares to close out the Beat Den stage at Electric Sky Festival on Friday night, I caught up with him to ask him a few questions about how it all began, life in Toronto, and the early days of Jungle and DNB in Eastern Canada. What followed was, to my delight, an in-depth account of the early rave scene from a DJ, producer, technology addict, and Dad. Here’s what followed.